Will your harness stop my dog pulling?

There is no magic wand to stop dogs pulling, but the concept of using a harness will certainly help to minimise pulling as it takes pressure of the dog (if you walk the dog on a collar).

The Xtra Dog harness was designed by Marie Miller the Tellington TTouch Instructor and was designed to be used with two points of contact; ie a connection at the front of the harness and a connection on the back. We do this with a double-ended training lead. By having the two points of contact and using a gentle meet and melt technicque; ie when the dog pulls we meet that pressure of the pull and gently melt away it can teach a dog to walk in natural balance with out pulling. See the video below.

We can make no guarantees that your Xtra Dog harness will stop your dog pulling but it has helped many owners to have pleasurable without a pulling dog.

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