What is Tellington TTouch?

The  Tellington TTouch is a teaching method for animals that incorporates body work and ground exercises where appropriate, to help improve co-ordination, balance and athletic ability whilst deepening further communication and understanding between the animal and its owner/carer.
TTouch helps increase levels of self confidence, self awareness and self-control. Developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, TTEAM (Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Method) and TTouch is used widely in many countries across the world by shelter assistants, dog trainers, zoos, veterinarians, therapists and pet owners.
With its roots in the Feldenkrais method of  Awareness Through MovementTTouch techniques gently guide the animal through non-habitual exercises that can alter existing habitual patterns. As posture affects behaviour, many owners and carers note that unwanted behaviour diminishes as the animals posture improves. TTouch teaches the animal to act, rather than simply react.

TTouch blends well with many other modalities and training methods. It is not necessary to adopt the whole TTouch philosophy in order to make a difference to an animal. Learning just a few of the simple body TTouches and movements can help make a difference to an animal’s life.

To find out more watch the videos below or visit our TTouch website  www.xtradog.training or the UK national TTouch office www.ttouchtteam.com

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