My product has been chewed

Normal Wear and Tear

Sometimes chewing is a part of normal wear and tear. For example, the Antler and Nose-It products are designed to be chewed. In the case of the Antlers and any other edible chew products that we sell, they will eventually be chewed to a stage where they need replacing. This is normal. With our food games like the Nose-It ball, your pet is likely to show more interest in chewing the product because food is involved. However tough we make our products, we cannot make them entirely chew-proof and are unable to offer free replacements for chewed products. 

My product is faulty because it has been chewed

However tough we make our products, we can't make them chew-proof. Chewing is normal for many pets and training your pet not to chew a product can sometimes prove frustrating. If a product is chewed by your pet, this doesn't make the product faulty.

What about the GoDog Toys with Chew-Guard? They're indestructible aren't they?

In short, no. The GoDog Plush Toys are double-stitched and include Chew-Guard technology - this is a mesh material that allows dog teeth to pass through and doesn't rip as readily as a standard fabric. Generally, we find these toys last longer than standard Plush Toys, but they are NOT indestructible. No plush toy on the market is indestructible, but pets are sometimes selective on the ones they chew. The GoDog Plush range includes various shapes and sizes, textures and sounds - if your pet chews one of them, they may not chew one of the other styles. Any Plush toy will generally last longer if you interact with your pet and their toy rather then leaving them to destroy on their own. If your pet does enjoy destroying Plush Toys, they will eventually destroy the GoDog ones - how long they will last will depend on the type of toy you have purchased for your pet, their size and temperament. Remember, dogs will be dogs and they will have so much fun with their GoDog Plush toy however long it lasts them.

How about the GoDog RhinoPlay and Retrieval Ranges?

All toys in the RhinoPlay and Retrieval ranges are interactive toys. They are not chew toys and should not be left with pets unsupervised. They are designed for you to play with your pet and increase the bond that you share. Playing with your dog on a regular basis can be a great way for you to keep fit and energised as well as work on the loving relationship between you and your dog.

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