How do I know what size harness I need?

Click Here to view our sizing chart

To choose the best fitting harness is to measure your dog. Please click here to find our sizing chart. Page one tells you how to measure your dog and page two tells you what measurements apply to what size dog. Please bear in mind puppies grow so if you are choosing a harness for a pup allow for growing room. If you need more help, here is a video to show you how to measure your dog 

Whilst our sizing chart does does give a breed suggestion This is not an exact science as every dog is different and we would not suggest ordering based on our breed chart. Please measure your dog!

If your dog does not fit our measurements (that applies to a small proportion of dogs, mainly cross-breeds) then we can suggest a custom fit harness  click here. These are the same quality Xtra dog harnesses, just made to the measurements of your dogs. We cannot make custom fit harnesses for dogs under 18 months old.

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